Photo Booth At Your Holiday Party? Yes, Please!

family and friends reunion celebration fun ideas in front of a p

The holidays are just around the corner which means it’s officially too late to take down those Christmas lights from last year! Christmas trees are up, everything is decorated in the traditional red and green décor and everyone is gearing up for holiday parties all over the world. Whether your party is an office party or a purely social one, punch, eggnog, and Christmas cookies alone aren’t going to make your holiday event any different from anyone else’s. Hosting an intimate social event? Chances are your guests have a lot of other choices they can go to. Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie is reason enough to ditch your party for hers and they may not see a reason to make the trip. Maybe you’re in charge of organizing your company’s annual office party, and if so there’s no doubt you’ll want to avoid throwing a dreadful company get-together your employees will complain about until next holiday season

If you are thinking of throwing a holiday party, consider renting a photo booth for your event. Your guests will love being able to take pictures that print instantly for take-home memories that will last. The open-air photo booth rental from JJ Pixx comes with an exclusive online gallery that gives you and your guests or employees private access to all the pictures of that night’s event! Regardless of your occasion or holiday party setting, your party can only get better with a photo-taking attraction everyone will love.

Photo Booths For Personal Holiday Parties

Give your friends and family something fun to bond over with a completely customizable photo booth. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and family friends who haven’t seen one another in a while can catch up and get reacquainted over ugly sweaters and intimate, silly pictures. And while everyone else is simply trading their pumpkin spice lattes for hot chocolate for their parties, make your main attraction a photo booth with an open, inviting design that brings everyone a little closer. Pick the customizable template for your event that best suits your holiday party. Build personalized pictures for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah or any other kind of holiday designs for a personal party no one will forget.

Photo Booths For Office Holiday Parties

Picture booths are a great way to break the ice and get the conversation going at your office party. Managers can increase company morale and tired, corporate spirits with a simple, easy to book party attraction that fits easily into tight spaces. Feature your company logo on every print out of the event while keep your bottom line intact and your company expenses low. The open air design practically advertises itself as other party goers can look in on the fun of the photos from anywhere in the room. JJ Pixx Photo Booth offers a variety of amazing and affordable packages available in NYC, Long Island, and Brooklyn. Check out the packages and customizable add-ons HERE

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[VIDEO] Fit Instructor App Launch Party- NYC Photobooth

On June 24th, 2017, we were honored to be part of FIT Instructor App launch party. The event was filled with industry influencers, fitness instructors and Instagram bloggers. The party was fitness related, therefore, we custom made theme related props such as, dumbbells, protein bar, muscles, and a hashtag for Instagram. We used our standard white backdrop, which blended perfectly with the company's branding colors. 

Even though the event lasted for only 2 hours, it certainly felt like it flew by. The crowd was so much fun, everyone enjoyed the photo booth experience and the photo outcome.

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[VIDEO] String Orchestra Of Brooklyn- 10 Year Anniversary Gala- NYC photobooth

What an amazing time we had this past Wednesday June 21st celebrating String Orchestra Of Brooklyn's 10 year anniversary. The event has held at the prestigious arts and culture arena, Roulette Intermedium. The props selection we used for the event was music related, which included trumpet, violin, music notes, piano and many more. Our white and sequin gold backdrop looked amazing. Check the slideshow video to see the best shots capture with our photo booth.

Special thanks to Emily Bookwalter for giving us the opportunity. Truly a beautiful person. 

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[VIDEO] John And Betty Wedding- Brooklyn Photo Booth Slideshow

We had an amazing time this past May 27th celebrating John and Betty's wedding. The event was held at Kimoto Rooftop In Brooklyn. Everybody was looking their best and by far a great crowd. Please enjoy this slideshow video of some of the best photos from the event.

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[VIDEO] JJ Pixx Photo Booth Promotional Video

We are so proud to showcase our first promotional video.  It took an entire day of production, many weeks of planning, and we are very happy with the results. The overall objective of this video is to better illustrate the features of our booth, but most importantly, to help our visitors envision the photobooth as an experience your guests will enjoy and remember. 

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[VIDEO] Joan And Keneil Wedding Slideshow- NYC PhotoBooth

Its was such a honor to be part of Joan And Keneil wedding this past April 22nd, 2017. The reception was at the Adria Hotel in Bayside Queens, NY. We had an amazing time and each one of their guests enjoyed very much of our photo booth entertainment. The theme colors of the wedding reception was navy blue and gold. We incorporated those same colors on the custom design for the print photos, as well as the photo folders. The backdrop we used was our beautiful white and diamond gold sequin backdrop, which helped reinforce everyone's great features on the photos.

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[VIDEO] BAC Alive With Art Fundraiser Celebration With A Photo Booth Experience.

Last week we were honored to be part of Brooklyn Art Council's fundraiser event. This year the event was held at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Every body had so much fun, and were able to leave with some amazing prints from our photo booth.

Enjoy this behind the scene video where we captured our photo booth guests having fun posing in front of the camera. *Excuse the annoying black wire to the right corner. 

[VIDEO] Celebrating Tina's 30th Birthday Outdoors With JJ Pixx Photo Booth

We had such a blast celebrating Tina's birthday. Everybody looked flawless, great ambience and an amazing crowd. The theme of the party was Great Gatsby. Our photo booth set up was outdoors, and although it was a bit windy, that didn't stop us. Thank you all for choosing JJ Pixx Photo Booth as your party entertainment option. 

Wedding Trends For Millenials- NYC Photobooth

bride and groom in front of an open air photo booth for wedding in Brooklyn NYC.

One thing all Millennials agree on is the need to have their world at their finger tips. Technology has influence the events industry in major ways, and weddings are not the exceptions. Though traditional white weddings are still in great popularity and I strongly doubt will ever disappear, let's dive into some millennial trends currently sweeping the wedding industry and by the look of it, are here to stay. 

Instagram Hashtags

One thing is for certain, your guests will be sharing their pictures on their favorite social media platform. Those candid shots capturing your friends and family genuinely having a good time are the ones that brings to life the happiest memories. Creating a custom hashtag and placing it on every table will encourage your guests to share their pictures using the hashtag. This will make it very easy to simply search on Instagram or twitter and a digital custom wedding album full of shots of your wedding will be available to revisit and share.

Photo Booth Fun

As of recent years, one of the booming trend among millennial weddings is including a photo booth as part of their wedding reception. The reason photo booths have gained so much popularity is because it allows your guest to fully engage, socialize among family and friends, take incredible pictures and take away an instant photo print as a wedding favor that will forever remind them of the amazing time the had at your wedding. These photos will most likely end up either frame or placed on their refrigerators. Most photo booth rental providers will offer a selection of theme related props, which can make your pictures more memorable. Or if you simply prefer to maintain a timeless approach with a stylish backdrop and high quality prints, you can go prop-less. The choice is yours. Having a photo booth at your wedding will ensure to have an everlasting effect on all your guests.

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How Can We Personalize Our Print Design- NYC Photobooth

What is a photo booth without a well thought designed photo template. We take pride in designing beautiful print design, because at the end, your guests will leave your event with a favor and we want that photo to end up either framed or on their refrigerator.

 Our templates can be creatively personalized by incorporating the same art work as in your invitation, the same color theme as in your decoration, along with a beautiful font for any text information. Let us know your vision and we'll make it happen. 


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How Much Space Is Required For The Entire Photo Booth Set Up?

In the most ideal situation, to avoid bumping shoulders, we aim to secure at least a 10 sq. foot area. This amount of space will secure us to place our equipment comfortably which includes the photo booth, the props table and the backdrop stand. If the event space of your choice is limited, we can certainly discuss other options. Oh! and can't forget to mention, because our equipment runs with electricity, it's imperative to be near an electrical outlet. Together we can make your photo booth experience an amazing one.

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Space require for a open air photo booth set up- JJ pixx photo booth rental nyc

What Is Required To Make A Photo Booth Reservation?

Once you've decided which photo booth rental package to reserve, the next step is to submit your event details. To ensure our availability we ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your desired package, which will reserve your date and time. The remaining balance is due at least 10 days prior to the event. We know that plans can change, if your event gets postponed to a later date, we'll be happy to apply the payment to the new date at no additional cost depending on our availability.

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Reserve a photo booth in NYC- JJ Pixx photo booth


What Is An Open-Air Photo Booth Design?

JJ Pixx Photo Booth Company is a modern NYC open-air photo booth service. Unlike old-fashioned boxy booths with curtains you take passport pictures in, an “open-air concept” allows your guests to see all the laughter and be enticed to join in. An open style also keeps your options open to everything from beautifully posed group photos to unpredictable photo bombs. Witnessing the fun going on before your eyes is contagious! 

In a time where technology has annihilated interpersonal interaction and made ‘breaking the ice’ an extremely difficult task; renting a NYC Photo Booth for your event is a clever way of breaking through the timidness and bringing total strangers together at your party.

You no longer have to manually introduce people to each other. Point them to the nearest photo booth station with the cool backdrop and let them chuckle and smile their way into a conversation and a new friendship while taking goofy pics.


Photo Credit:@nwphotobooths-

Photo Credit:@nwphotobooths-

On Site Quality Printing

Remember the days when you had visit your local photo lab to get your photos printed? Days, and maybe weeks will pass by until you had a physical copy. Our commercial dye-sublimation printer will give your guests something to take with them INSTANTLY! Giving them a personalized custom print to leave which makes a world of difference in making an event standout! Choose any one of our photo booth packages, and your guests will be leaving with as many prints as they want as though you have your own personal film developing lab for your event!

Live Viewing Touch Screen

If your preference is a black/white or color photo filter, we give you full control of your photos. At the end, is your event. Our Live Photo Viewing Monitor is an easy-to-use Touch Screen Interphase that will give your guests the option to go vintage (black & white) or vibrant (in color) with their photos. The screen will also prompt your guests between photos with a 1,2,3 countdown so they can get ready to smile and pose. The bottom line is this, they'll be able to take pictures when they want and how they want without the awkwardness of a stranger staring at them.

Social Media Sharing

Let's face it. Social media is slowly becoming part of most of our lives. And your party is not a real party if its not talked about, and shared on your favorite media platform. So let's get social. Our open-air photo booth has the ability to upload your photos directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Email and via SMS- text message ( as long as there is wifi access of course) Let your party to be the the talk of your social media universe.

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Social events open air photo booth in Brooklyn NYC- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

And You may Ask: What are Your Photo Booth Backdrops Options?

The main purpose of a backdrop/background is to create a scene that is behind your photograph. Our photo booth backdrops are 8 x 8 cloth or paper and it is placed on a photo booth backdrop stand. The ideal mix is for the theme of the backdrop to match the theme of the wedding or any other event. Currently we have basic backdrop colors choices and in progress to add more to our gallery. Please share your ideas and inspiration for a backdrop, we would love to make them come a reality. And if you would like to take the challenge of doing it your HOT self, click HERE for some DIY NYC photo Booth backdrop inspirations.

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Photo Credit: @nwphotobooths- NYC Photo Booth Rental Backdrop Options- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

Photo Credit: @nwphotobooths- NYC Photo Booth Rental Backdrop Options- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

How Can Our Photo Booth Provide Entertainment To Your Guest?- NYC Photobooth

Ways Our Photo Booth Can Provide Entertainment To Your Guests- NYC Photo Booth Rental- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

     The day of your most anticipated celebration is soon to come and all your guests are looking forward to celebrate that special day with you. You've spent a lot of effort into the decorations, making sure all the details are covered, hiring caterers, tables, chairs, flower arrangements. But wait, what type of entertainment you planning to provide your guests? I mean, you're important to them and all, but you have to keep them entertained otherwise they'll be bore and disengaged and of course you don't want that. So, what are your entertainment options. Well, theres the DJ, a Live band, Magicians, Dancers, and AHA! a Photo Booth. 

     Who doesn't like taking pictures? And who doesn't love photo booths? Imagine you and your friends and family members grabbing a prop, striking a silly or stylish pose, and Flash, receiving an instant photo gratification. It's that simple and fun. You can make your celebration be remembered and talked about for weeks and months after the event by simply renting a NYC photobooth. Our open-air photo booth is very modern, unlike the boxy old school ones out there; able to capture up to 14 people and every single one will receive an on the spot print photo memory of that fun moment they all shared. Oh, and if anyone runs out of pose ideas, fret not, our friendly booth attendants are prep with a ton of pose suggestions. It's amazing how well received photo booths are by people of all ages in literally any event, which includes weddings, birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers, Quinceañera and many more. Do you want to keep your guests engaged and having a good time? Our Photo Booth service provides the entertainment your event needs and your guests will enjoy.

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What Do We Mean When We Say: Unlimited Photo Booth Prints

What Do We Mean When We Say Unlimited Photo Booth Prints- NYC Photo Booth Rental- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

It Simply means that everyone at your event will take an abundance of photos and printed non stop. Talk about Wowing! your guests. They will take away a tangible moment in time when they were at your event celebrating an important day of your life while being silly posing in front of a photo booth. That experience you just replayed in your mind, is the experience we as JJ Pixx Photo Booth aim to provide.

Perhaps your attendees would want to share that silly picture they took with their Facebook friends or Instagram followers. We can most certainly provide that too. Your guests would just type their phone number or email address on our booth screen and receive an instant message, ready to download and upload to their favorite media platform. On top of that, after the completion of our service, we guarantee that within 24 hours you will receive a private online gallery with all the pictures taken so you and all your guests can view and download. That's what we mean when say: we provide unlimited prints.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding.

Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth For Your Event In NYC- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

Imagine this: 45 minutes into your wedding reception, you scan the perimeter of your event space and the music is bumping, but your guests aren’t. What you see instead is the glowing light of cellphones illuminating the faces of your friends and family as they thumb through their Facebook and Instagram news feeds. You also notice a couple of stragglers awkwardly stirring their drinks trying to warm up to the vibe but are intimidated to be the first to do so. The easy solution to bring your event to life? –Photo booths!

1. Bring People Closer Together

Today’s technology has annihilated interpersonal interaction and made ‘breaking the ice’ increasingly difficult. People spend more time today talking to people electronically than they do getting to know each other face to face which can make it hard to get your wedding reception going. Break through the cliché and skip from “timid party mood” straight to a fun event that brings total strangers together. Stop introducing people to each other individually (especially if you have a big wedding) and simply point your guests to the nearest photo booth station. Let them smile and laugh their way right into a natural and engaging conversation in front of cool backdrops to make fun photos. You and your guests get to witness the birth of their new friendships all while taking goofy pictures!

2. Fantastic Wedding Favors

Event favors are a great way of saying “thank you” to your guests for their support and each one should be special for your wedding attendants. You’ll remember the day you exchanged vows for the rest of your life. And now, with a photo booth at your wedding, each one of your guests will take home a personalized photo to remind them of the special day you married your best friend.

3. Password Protected Online Gallery

A photo booth isn’t just a great entertainment option, it’s also a fantastic way to save the precious memories of your wedding all in one place. Most photo booth providers allow you and all of your guests access to a private, downloadable online gallery that stores all the photos from your big day. No more asking your friends and family the day after the event to send you the pictures they took the night before—you’ll already have everything you need in a single, secure gallery.

4. #Hashtag Album

So the wedding was a success, everyone had a great time and absolutely loved the booth! Now what? You can organize those cool, hilarious wedding pictures into a photo album and stream them immediately to Instagram or Facebook. Encourage your guests to use a unique hashtag specific to your wedding to automatically populate all of your fun photos into an everlasting hashtag album. Sweet right?! Check out your photos in year to see that time you got Nana to pose with a Viking helmet Uncle Jim to pose with a hot pink bow for laughs that will last a lifetime on whatever social media platform you choose.

Whether you have a big event or a small soiree, it’s important to keep as many wonderful memories as possible. Your friends and family are a huge part of your ceremony and there’s so much you can miss while you’re trying to greet and/or thank everyone for coming to the wedding. Keep more than just the formal photos your photographer shot with a photo booth rental that’ll capture all of the amazing behind-the-scenes moments that help define your big day!

Dreaming of an extraordinary day that's your kind perfect? A day that stands out for all the right reasons? Awesome!  We want that for you too...

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JJ Pixx Photo Booth Is Breaking Out Of It's Shell- FREE PhotoBook...

JJ Pixx Photo booth's official launch date will be November 14th, 2016 and we are thrilled to leave a positive and lasting mark with every event we'll have the honor to attend. As an introduction, we are offering a FREE PhotoBook with the event pictures when choosing any of our three packages. Don't rely so much on your memory of how an amazing time you had in your last party/event. Freeze those fragments of time in a picture, upload it on your favorite social media platform and have a printed copy while you're at it. Your event is as special for you as it will be for us. We will hold hands until the end of your successful event. Let's chat!