Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth For Your wedding.

Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth For Your Event In NYC- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

Forty five minutes into your wedding reception, you scan the perimeter of your event space. The music is bumping but your guests aren’t. What you see is the glowing light of cellphones illuminating the faces of your friends and family as they thumb through their FB and Instagram news feeds. What you also see is a couple of stragglers awkwardly stirring their drinks, trying to warm up to the vibe but feel intimidated to be the first to do so. 

In a time where technology has annihilated interpersonal interaction and made ‘breaking the ice’ an extremely difficult task; renting a Photo Booth for your wedding or social event is a clever way of breaking through the timidness and bringing total strangers together at your party.

You no longer have to manually introduce people to each other. Point them to the nearest photo booth station with the cool backdrop and let them chuckle and smile their way into a conversation and a new friendship while taking goofy pics. And at the end, all your guests will take away a photo which will remind them of the amazing time they had at your wedding, serving as an unique personalized wedding favor.

A Photo Booth is not only a great entertainment option, it is a great way to rack up those memories in one place and in one shot. No more asking your friends the next day to send you the pictures they took the night before because most photo booth providers will allow you and all your guests access to a downloadable online gallery.

So what do you do with all those cool hilarious pictures? You can organized them into a photo album or stream them immediately to Instagram, FB or Twitter. And by everyone using an unique #hashtag, the social media platform will automatically populate all your photos into a hashtag album. Sweet right?! A year later you can look back and chuckle at the time you actually got Nana to pose with a Viking helmet and a hot pink bow. 

Raise the luxury bar of your wedding, keep your guests smiling and talking about your event. Book your Photo Booth with us Today!

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